Lee McKing is a talented singer from Breda. She started her singing career at the early age of 15. Singing is her life, music is her passion.

Lee is mostly known as a powerfull house vocalist. Her flawless, laidback timing and improvisational skills and mastering different music styles such as house and soul make her unique.
In her colorful career she has worked with established names such as Benny Rodrigues, Chuckie, Dannic, Erick E, Funkermann, La Fuente, Leroy Styles and Roog. She performs at many different types of events throughout the Netherlands and abroad. With her charisma and characteristic full, soulfull and sometimes raw voice, she manages to take events to a higher level.

Her musical resume features well-known events such as Festival Mundial, Must, Solar Festival, Wish Outdoor and the Gaypride. She has also spread her wings outside our country borders with bookings in Albania, Belgium, Croatia , Estonia, France, Germany and Italy.

LeeMcking is the leadsinger of the live house act Men&Cherry.